Q2, 2006

This has been one of the more forgettable quarters in the company's history. In fact, we do not recall such a difficult quarter since we went public in Q3, 2003.

We initiated a program for technology transfer from the US at the start of the quarter. Although the program was a success, the Work division subsequently suffered from a data loss incident which took a heavy toll on time & resources. The backlog of issues is still being dealt with and that has made what could've been a interesting & exciting venture into a dreary operation.

The repeated failure of existing IT infrastructure in the Home division necessitated heavy expenditure in purchase of new equipment. On the bright side, the decision to renew the lease on the existing premises has saved the company a considerable amount of money.

Several other factors have contributed to the gloomy results this quarter. Meanwhile, the parent company continues to raise the possibility of a merger with another like-minded party. In the current environment, we feel it would not be a wise strategy to pursue.

Considering the bad quarter, it is perhaps surprising that we remain upbeat and optimistic about our performance in the next quarter. As usual though, we do not provide future guidance for investors.

Oh boy! I didn't think a disclaimer was needed but here it is: the 'company' here is me - not any real company & especially not my employer, Borland. I hope the post makes sense now :-)


Ok, is this a piece of speculative fiction, Steve Yegge style or an actual commentary on the company you work in? :).. just a bit confused here

The company is me! I didn't think it was so non-obvious :-)

Looks like I do not know you enough :).. but you still need to put a disclaimer on top!

Well.. you did know about the US trip & the new PC!

Disclaimer? What is there to disclaim ;-)

.. and here I thought I'd propose a merger with a similarly inclined company... hmmm

err.. which Vidya is this? Just so the context is clear :-)

Looks like I completely missed the point the first time!

er.. the one in the boondocks of Japan, the one who is suffering withdrawal symptoms from lack of coriander and curry leaves

Is it time for me to visit with fresh supplies? :-)

you would?? then you're my new best-est friend :D

hahaha.. .

thanks anyway... tis the thought that counts

"Meanwhile, the parent company continues to raise the possibility of a merger with another like-minded party."


better a friendly merger than a hostile acquisition maga..want some help with your valuation? ;P

hehe. what's your consulting fee? ;)

Hmmm. Looks like the plans of the parent company will finally bear fruition!!

Best of luck dude!

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