Stickies #5 : No Pressure

Current affairs for dummies

It's true, I get all my geo-political news about India from The Acorn. As far as I am concerned, if Nitin doesn't write about it, it's not worth knowing.

BTW, if you noticed, this strip too is untitled. If you really noticed, the previous strip too is still untitled! If I don't get any title suggestions for this one either, I'll consider the experiment a failure and demand a treat from Ashwin. ;-)

PS: Daily Show: India Edition really would be awesome!



I hope you realise that you are putting me under pressure. Especially the bit about it's not knowing if I don't write about it...for I can write only what I know

hehe.. I think I have a title for this strip now: 'No Pressure' :-)

BTW, have you considered doing a Linkblog for the interesting things you don't write a full post on?

Rich praise for Nitin but deservedly so.

For title, how about "Kernel of the acorn"?

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