janamdin ki bahut bahut shubkaamnaae... pachees saal ho gaye..socha kya gift bejhe..teri ma boli biwi dedo..bhabhi boli 25 ladkiyo ke biodata bhejdo :) par filhaal to ye card :)

jug jug jiyo :D

mummy aur papa

Some days, the blog just writes itself ;-)

This has been an interesting year so far.. spent the new year in a plane and the birthday in a plane^. I wonder what comes next.

A quarter century and not much to show for it. I need to go cure AIDS or rid the world of suits and ties and all formal clothing... or something equally important.


^ I was in Tokyo last week. Expect some pictures soon.

Update: Tokyo photoset


Belated Happy B'day dude!

spent the new year in a plane and the birthday in a plane

At least you were on cloud nine! Happy Birthday!

Thanks! But I suppose it was still 12th Feb in your timezone :-)

hehe.. I suppose that's one way to look at it :-)

It would have been a real bummer if the card turned out to be your marriage card! Guahahahahaha.

P.S: Supamu my a$$


Belated happy birthday :)

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