On the iPhone

Quoting from John Gruber's iPhone first impressions:

Sleep/wake is effectively instantaneous – far faster than any Mac.

Comparing a phone's sleep/wake time with a full blown computer? How about comparing it with other smartphones?

The simple one-button remote on the earbud microphone is genius.

Genius? I've got to find out some detailed review of this earbud microphone to see how it differs from the kind shipped with Nokia, Sony, Samsung, et. al.

I’ve been curious what Apple planned to do with the standard Cut/Copy/Paste clipboard commands. With no menu bar, there’s no Edit menu. With no keyboard, there’s no command-key shortcuts. The Newton solved this with magic gestures. The iPhone solves this by not having a clipboard at all. No copy, no paste.

Solution or cop out? You be the judge! :-) This will probably be one of the most frustrating limitations of the iPhone. If the iPhone supported native 3rd party apps, I bet the first app would be a clipboard!

I've also read somewhere that the system data on an iPhone comes to around 700MB. So large apps are being read off a slow media (HDD) as opposed to other smart phones where relatively smaller apps (the system data would be < 50MB) are read off a faster media (Flash). I am curious to know how this affects app startup time and general task switching latency on the iPhone.

Anyway, it'll be a long, long time before the iPhone reaches these shores.


I'll bet they get the clipboard sorted out on the next release. (Either traditional copy+paste or some new paradigm that gives the same features). No 3rd party apps is a deal breaker. Web Apps are nice but a cheap cop-out, unless the browser has built-in scripting support for local storage and hooking into UI events. These guys made a whole new class of UI interaction mechanisms and then blew it by not allowing us to see where other people can take it\stretch it. The Steve Jobs Reality Distortion Field strikes again!

With the number of complaints about the clipboard, they are bound to fix it!

The native integration for web apps seems to be limited to providing links to phone, maps, etc. http://developer.apple.com/iphone/designingcontent.html

At least if Google Gears or some such is supported, some advanced apps would be possible. But Safari on iPhone doesn't support plugin installs of any kind.

Yeah, as far as I see, the biggest problem is data storage. How many app developers can devote server space to store user data? And I guess you can forget about finding any ring-tone\movie editors ...

Re. Google Gears: Seems to be a product about 5 years too late. Do we really need an extensive offline mode on the desktop today?

After using Google Reader in the train, etc., I think Gears is needed :)

It's not really extensive either.. just a simple api to a sqlite data store... create tables, insert, update, select, join, delete.. that's it. And a convenience threadpool extension which lets you easily spawn off background threads to do non UI-blocking operations.

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