Dumble Update #2

I've been working on Dumble on and off since my last update here and there have been quite a few changes since then. Here are the highlights:

  • Top Tags: Dumble now fetches the del.icio.us user's top tags so that you can quickly browse around and discover links.
  • Session History: As you browse around Dumble, jumping from tag to tag or user to user, your Session History is displayed in a sidebar. This is my way of saying that 'supporting the Back button in an AJAX app is so nasty that I don't even want to attempt it.'
  • Cookies: Your last fetched user/tag combo is now saved in a cookie so that the next time you visit Dumble, it'll directly load that combo.
  • Internet Explorer 7: Dumble was broken in IE7 for a long time. I finally got around to tracing and fixing the bugs and things should work well in IE7 now. BTW, did you know that something as simple as a trailing comma in an array definition or using <script src="..." /> instead of <script src="..."></script> can confuse IE?
  • Miscellany: Various other bugfixes and UI/Usability fixes.. like all links show real links instead of javascript code.

With that, my to-do list for Dumble is more or less complete. Of course, adding formatting support for more kinds of links is an ongoing process. But as far as the core feature set is concerned, I think we are at 1.0 and Dumble is ready for wider use!

As always, if you find any bugs or need any new features, please do comment!

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