Stickies #16 : Dead man talking

hungry in life.. hungry in death

Too many zombie references have passed my eyes this last week. Drew this while I was (still am!) killing time waiting for a midnight conf-call. Hopefully, it's worth at least a chuckle!


What about tofu substitutions?

Yes.. mock meat; it's what separates us civilized dead from the merely re-animated dead.

Also the whole scaring the living daylights out of alive people thing? Thats just not spiritually cool with me anymore.

Yep.. need to mellow out a bit. Death metal is so old school.. we should listen to some jazz or soul.

eat graaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiinnnnns, not braaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiinnnnns...

haha.. yeah, that's one rule to live by. Err.. re-live by. ;-)

PS: Same Karin that a certain biker bangalorean recently mentioned to me?

Yup .. that's the same Karin. I sent this link to her knowing that she'd be amused by it. We had gone to a "zombie walk" near Detroit, where Karin was dressed as an animal loving zombie wearing a "ZETA" shirt :-) Check out the video on this website for some zombie mayhem:

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