My TODO list just keeps growing. In no particular order, I have to:

  • Finish the web app that I've started working on
  • Start the web app that I've planned out
  • Finish processing photos and clear that backlog
  • Get photo backups in order
  • Print a few photos as an experiment
  • Implement a major feature that I've planned for Mitter
  • Finish reading the four books in various stages of completion. Perhaps only three; this one is too irritating to finish.
  • Buy an Xbox 360 and play GTA 4, Bioshock

And this is not counting all of the stuff from work! I'm just too lazy these days and need to get my act together.


Looks like you are good candidate for beta testing my RememberTheMilk application (once I managed to get my sh!t together.) ;)

err.. that will only _increase_ my todo list!! ;-)

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