Gothere script update

Some time back, I wrote about my tiny little greasemonkey script for - all it does is replace links to SBS Transit with links to my NextBus app. Back then, I also wrote that time permitting, I'd update the script to fetch the bus arrival timings & show them within the bubble itself, instead of triggering a new page load. As you've already guessed, I found the time :)

gothere nextbus screenshot

To install/upgrade, just click here: NextBus & Remember, you must have Greasemonkey already installed in Firefox. If someone feels like packaging the script as a Firefox extension, please do :-)

Update: Okay, here's the NextBus & gothere Firefox Extension.

Finally, a note of thanks to the gothere folks. This update wouldn't have been possible without some code changes on the gothere site. I wrote to them about it and in just a few hours, Dominic got back saying he had already implemented my request! After that, updating the script took no time. Thanks Dominic!


No worries. Nice work, I am using it!

Consider building a google maps mashup.

YOU ARE AWESOME :) looking forward to it being available on winmobile, iphone, etc.

Nice script done! Love it!

so.. when's the iPhone version coming out? :D

There is already an iPhone version in some sense.

1) Try 2) Try 3) Wait for next update of SG Buses iPhone app.

I'm not so sure why but I always encounter below exception when access after installed your greasemonkey script:

[Exception... "Security Manager vetoed action" nsresult: "0x80570027 (NS_ERROR_XPC_SECURITY_MANAGER_VETO)" location: "JS frame :: :: anonymous :: line 1" data: no] Line 2

It seems that there's something wrong in 's jquery lib, I try to dump the latest jquery lib (1.3.2) in your greasemonkey script and it works fine.

the extension doesn't work with FF 3.5 onwards. i've updated the install.rdf myself to make it working. it will be good if you can update the extension for other users.

anyway, thanks so much for this great extension.

What's the point of updating the extension when NextBus itself doesn't work! What are you using the extension for?

Also why isn't the extension working? Is it simply a version compatibility declaration issue? Sorry, I myself haven't used this thing in a while.

the NextBus info is working fine on and is working again.

and yes, it's just the version compatibility declaration.

Well, this is strange. I swear it wasn't working a week or so ago when I last checked!

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