Deepak Sarda photo Hi!

I’m the VP of Engineering at Endowus, Asia's leading fee-only digital wealth platform, providing expert personalised advice at low fair fees, so everyone can invest better.

Before this, I was the Head of Developer Solutions Architecture (DevAx) for ASEAN at Amazon Web Services. Earlier, I was the global lead for Observability and Chaos Engineering services in the Cloud Platforms group at JPMorgan Chase. Prior to that, I developed equities trading & settlement systems for several years. In the distant past, I worked at a distributed computing startup and at Borland Software. If you are interested, my résumé and LinkedIn have more details.

I wrote a book once and maintain an infrequently updated blog.

You can get in touch by email or on Twitter.


I started in 2003 with a blog and a photo gallery. Over the years, I coded several web publishing tools to scratch different itches and the site became a bit of a sprawling mess. In mid-2010, I consolidated a fair bit of it using Django. However, as my writing slowed down, keeping up with Python and Django upgrades became a chore.

In 2020, I decided to delete all the old cruft and re-build everything as a static website. Today, is a pure html & css site that is generated by Pelican.