absolut does it step by step

Owing to my nomadic existence this past week, my access to the grid has been sporadic at best. Don’t get visions of me backpacking in equatorial jungles - I am just moving houses.

Yesterday, I got another reject from a prospective employer… another of course meaning the third one. The first two, I can understand why. This one just beats me.

Anyway, with no more interviews in the pipeline - I am seriously contemplating a return to India. What’s keeping me here? Better lifestyle, better pay and a better chance to see the world. Why do I wish to return? Cause I don’t have a job (redundant?!), likely better options in India, running out of cash and it’s just plain nuts sitting around doing nothing. People have asked me to stay on until end-August - I am undecided. Care to give me advice?

An interesting thing happened yesterday. I am at this new place we’ve rented - waiting for someone from the Utilities to come and turn on power/water. Quite unexpectedly, the owner’s dad lands up. Conversation ensues. If you don’t know me, that means for most parts he speaks and I listen. Some people call that introverted, I call it understated.

Anyway, he lets on that he’s a devotee of Lord Murugun and he’s blessed to be a channel of the good lord to bring happiness to people. In other words, he’s got some psychic abilities (intuitive insights) which let him predict things about people. He goes on to regale me with tales of how he helped a childless couple and an unemployed man, etc. etc. Look, I am not deriding him or anything - he apparently does a lot of charitable work - running an aashram, music school, etc. I am just mentioning these stories to give you an idea - no doubt you’ve met similar people.

There’s also talk of God and faith and all that. I am just itching to speak my mind but past experience has taught me that no good comes out of religious debates - esp. with staunch believers.

By an by he asks me for my d.o.b. I tell him and he says, “Arey, you don’t have to worry at all! You are a lucky man! A philosopher! No need to worry!” Then he pauses for a few seconds - a pensive face. “August 15th. You’ll get a job by then.”

Now this is before I got the reject. So I told him, “I might get a job today for all we know!” which was kinda true since I knew a reply from the company was in the offing. Now later in the day, I got the call from the company after which I started evaluting my options. By evening, I told a few friends about this and they all suggested I stay till end August. And everytime someone said that, I went back to what he said.

I am usually a very rational guy and tend not to think too much about such ‘mystic’ things. But when you are in a quandry, anything which offers hope can be a blessing. And isn’t that what keeps the billions on this planet flocking to the temples and churches and mosques? The hope that things will be good - just have faith in the God above.

Hmm.. I am a philosopher ;-)

Before I get off the grid, let me note that Don J. Clemenza aka Levin Melkins is churning out crap like only he can. Known as Neville Clemens in an earlier birth, he’s being ably assisted by his lover in arms, Cue. And in a totally unrelated event, Don’s (lately in)significant other Boka, has started blogging again. I am not at all hinting that this could be a response to win back the Don from Cue (whose Step by Step approach certainly seems to be working) nor am I suggesting that this could be a cheap shot at winning the approval of a certain PYT he’s been eyeing. I am just stating that his blog is active again.