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Hello Doctor!

Renegade Coders?

Eudyptula minor

Moving time

Scholar Search Plugin: New Icon


Internet Security FUDnation

War of the Worlds

IM Status Messages

Search Plugins

IBM sells out

The Search for Truth

Gyaan from the boob tube

Java and C#

Memorial note

On Reliance

Isn't 'National Security' abused enough already

Site bits

My confidence levels are low!

Happy Diwali!



Link Blink


Special Mention



A great deal and shameless pitching

Lasso those snaps

Yahoo Search Engine Plugins


The burden of leadership

Fun times

Quash my iDeas

Wrong signals?

stupid me

Whither security?

Of snakes and their charming machinations

No more WOTD here*

What's in an appellation? Don'no lah!

malodorous farting - 1, sensible musing - 0

myriad thoughts, adrift

This ain't no Cockaigne

Presentiment or Prescience?

Suse Install Notes

Gamine: word not found - Singlish Dictionary

Does a facelift mask senescence?

George W Bush, sui generis

Bloviating when there's nothing to say

got a chuckle out of me

Doom 3 arrives

Project Utopia

Poor, poor soul


I am honoured!

Poking fun at Her Majesty's govt.

brief hiccup

Rediff, oh Rediff!

Doom 3

Some stats

Fucking hilarious

Is it you Carrey?

Pizza Paranoia

"How to run a country?" (c)

mind numbing

More TWTs

absolut does it step by step

Boing Boing Readers

Through the Looking Glass

Winnie the Pooh meets Spider-Man

Superman Again

Sexy Losers

sta... sta... sta...



Miley Sur...

End of Internship

Sad Sad Rediff


Yahoo Mail

Gmail: what's keeping it in Beta?



The Four Aces


ReiserFS undelete/data recovery HOWTO

Redang photos

Smoke, Mirrors and Silence

Back in Singapore

Out for some time

Tell me something about yourself

Fairy God Mother v2.0

Random Sentence

One Line Reviews

Episode III - Never Say 'Star Wars' Again

Ms Sonia Gandhi

Cause and Effect

Sleepy Head

Google's IPO

Strange Visitors

Queen of Google

Joke of the day

So long, and thanks for all the music

When the monster is among us

The Bible Says:

Europe and Italy

Adventures of Superman

The Office

Spring Break aka Who's getting the popcorn?

Of the other Deepak

Things are cold; things are icy

I know Sharon Stone is hot...

New Home

This should be Easy


I'm Feeling Lucky!

Could it get any worse? #$@#^&*

Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Pr0n

Scamster Scammed

Microsoft is about Choice


The Value of Life

Oops.. just missed Friday the 13th

Happy Birthday to Me

The Best Page in the Universe!

Crucifix Forever?

New Gallery


Dumb Moves 101

Of News Plenty and a Missing Entry

Status Update

More LOL


Weird Weird Web

Time Out

Down to 10 maidminutes

Maritess vs Superfriends

Units of messiness

Funny, and true ?!

Long time no see