Down to 10 maidminutes

As the forces of the universe and metawaves from beyond would have it, we just couldn’t get a maid to clean up the house. Some were busy while some were taking time-off. Some came by to the house but quit the profession on seeing our place. ;-)

Aside: If you’ve seen Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back [imdb] you will remember, as I did just now, a similar scene where certain ladies quit their ‘trade’ too. Damn funny movie, see it if you haven’t.

Outside: If you’ve seen Jay and …, then have you seen Dogma? It’s one of the best satires I’ve seen.

Back Inside: aka Backside: ha ha, the paksi effect lingers. Getting back to the story at hand, after the futile search for a house cleaner, we took up the challenge ourselves. A bottle of lemon fresh cleaner, four scrubs, a broken mop and 5 hurting backs later, I am happy to report that Operation GunkBuster has been successful.

I have ‘before and after’ pictures of the operation, but I shall not post them here lest I hurt some of the sensitive people out there.

PS: we took up the challenge ourselves… is that grammatically correct?