Fairy God Mother v2.0

I saw Shrek 2 last night. One line review: Woohoo!

This movie is a must watch. It’s brilliantly funny! Every tiny detail draws upon all the stories we grew up listening to. Except, like in the first part, there’s a twist to it all. Like the new, upgraded Fairy God Mother v2.0 who’s not as nice as we know her to be. (I am resisting the urge to put in a really bad spyware pun here).

I guess I need a bit of the v1.0 God Mother. Apartment-mate Prerit signs up with blogger.com yesterday to create his blog and immediately gets a Gmail invite. So I sign up with blogger too, even posting some entries. But no such luck - no God Mother looking over me. :(

BTW, do read Prerit’s review of Shrek 2. It’s better than my rather redundant reams of random rubbish.

I have taken to watching The O.C. I started watching it for the absolutely stunning Ms. Mischa Barton. But I am now hooked to it because of Seth Cohen (played by Adam Brody). He’s this really quick-witted, girl-repellant guy. Think of Chandler Bing as a teenager and you are thinking of Seth Cohen. And we all agree that Chandler was the best of the bunch, right?