George W Bush, sui generis

Neville sent a link to Dubya’s blog. Well, not really the real Dubya’s blog; not that you really need me to tell you that it’s not the real deal. Anyway, it’s not really funny or anything, but an interesting experiment nevertheless. The premise is that anyone can send in an entry for the blog based on the day’s events and the webmaster puts up the best one. While I expect the submissions to vary in style, I doubt they’ll really differ in stuff - Bush being the predictable fool that he is.

Linking to JibJab is currently in vogue.

There’s another interesting blogging experiment I came across yesterday. Zach Braff, who’s only entry in my trivia book till now was his lead role in the show Scrubs, has written and directed this movie called Garden State. Now I don’t know much about the movie other than the obvious bits you can glean from the movie’s (pretty cool) website. What’s of note is the link to Zach Braff’s blog over there. This movie is being released in a staggered fashion and I think having a blog is a pretty cool way of generating buzz as you slowly premiere in more cities. Will Zach continue blogging after the movie’s over and done with? My bet is on nada.

Everyone heard of Flickr, right? I decided to see today, what’s on offer. From the looks of it (I didn’t sign-up), they’ve got a really cool one-of-a-kind thing going on. They’ve built some innovative approaches to photo sharing - like a flash based IM/photo share tool, collaborative photo tagging/indexing, syndicated feeds of your photo album and then some. Why didn’t I sign-up? Right now, the free version which you can sign up for, offers limited storage and photos you add stay visible for three months. Since I am not taking lots of pics these days, this ephemeral photoblog approach is of no use to me. I’ll wait for their pro (paid) version and see if it’s worth archiving all my photos with them.

Just saw this on Boing Boing - todally cool!

One last link - the worst commercial, ever!