Long time no see

I got back to Singapore today morning after a ten day trip to India. It was such a hectic trip, with so much happening that I wish had blogged as and when things happened. Now, I’ll just stick to the highlights and let you see some pictures.

The first couple of days were spent at home with family and school friends. Then left for my sister’s place. It was a long, rough bus ride across AP and Karnataka; but every bit worth it. I was seeing my niece, Shreya, after almost an year. The last time I saw her, she was barely a month old. Now she’s grown up and quite accurately fits the description: ‘bundle of joy’.

Shreya’s pictures

Then onwards to Bangalore for a New Year’s reunion with friends from IIT. Needless to say, I had a great time.

More pictures

Back to Hyderabad on 2nd morning. Met some more people; saw Munnabhai with family. Left home on 4th night and here I am now in singapore. Ready to hit the bed for the night. Tomorrow I start my internship proper. Wish me luck!!

And to all whom I missed out wishing: Have a great new year!