malodorous farting - 1, sensible musing - 0

Just had lunch of watery ‘pulao’ and salty ‘sabzi’ - the results of the first culinary experiments in this kitchen. The last time I tried my hands at making a curry was well over an year ago, just after I came to Singapore.

Incidentally, this blog is now an year old too! Exactly when this joyous occasion came about, I can’t recall since I lost my first few posts in a server, publishing platform transition mishmash. How time flies!

How clichés suck.

It’s about time I resume my job of making the world wide web, well, webby. Time for some new links to increase the topological complexity of the grid. (Sam, are u reading?!)

Dubya making an ass of himself, yet again, in this video.

Thanks to Ashwin for pointing out to some great Joy of Tech cartoons here and here. Let me add to those, the geekiest proposal of all!

Now that I am surfing again, the Clip Blog is getting some love too. There’ve also been some changes in my blogroll, most notable being the addition of Vidya’s blog, now that Bloglines supports Xanga feeds. The only things missing there are Girish’s and Anshul’s blogs. Where are the feeds guys?