More TWTs

If you have a keen eye or are just plain psychic, you must have noticed the shiny new Bloglines in the Daily panel on the grid’s rhs. It’s my blogroll/clipblog mega combo powered by Bloglines. Go ahead, click on it. It’s just a harmless time-wasting tactic, as I said.

In other news, I’ve decided to stay her till end August looking for a job. What else… saw a few movies. Juon was kind of a disappointment. It’s been called one of the best Jap horror movies. It spooks you alright, but where’s the story people?! Another Jap flick, Ping Pong. A brilliant story of friendship and belief set against a backdrop of table-tennis. Must see! Yet another teen flick, The Girl Next Door which was funny but a bit too long. Elisha gets five stars, though :-)

A couple of nights ago, in a gangaster word fight (sponsered by yahoo msgr), a dear friend who’s a CS grad and currently in IIMC, said something like this:

K: I got a new PC and it sucks; it’s already got some virus.
K: But it’s cool cause it’s shiny and black.

If you are saying, “So?” then you are likely not a guy. This dear friend is.

But this got me thinking, do women like gadgets? What kind? What do they look for? Is there a market for estrogen laced gadget news?

There is. And the answer is here: Shiny Shiny, a weblog for the girly gadgets. Click away! Girls can gaggle about some pink usb sticks while us guys can sit by and snigger.

PS: Levin asked, “What’s with random pics of babes?” I just said, “Complaining?” which is not the proper answer that this seminal question deserves. Let me put the answer on record here: “It’s not random.”

Elisha Cuthbert pic

See? The random stuff is under SnapShot on the grid’s lhs.

Update: Did anyone else notice the extremely embarrassing typo in the second paragraph? I am fixing the others but I am gonna leave that one there for laughs.