New Home

This is a bit late in the day to write about but I want to write something and since I can’t think of anything else to write, I am writing this. Right?

The new blog is based on Blosxom, a cool Perl blogging system. It uses plain text files to save everything: entries, comments, etc. No more databases to fiddle with! And a backup is nothing more than copying a folder :-)

The new layout is courtesy of Bruce Alderson [], another Blosxom user who very kindly approved of my use of his template. You are seeing a replica of his site, except for a few layout changes and an additional commenting system.

The layout uses tables so it should display much more uniformly across all browsers. All colors, fonts, etc. are pulled from a CSS file. A different CSS file and the site would look considerably different.

Saip is unhappy with the new look. I suspect it’s ‘cos the old dark colors are missing. :-) I miss them too! Why don’t you send me the color combination you want to see and I’ll write a stylesheet for that. Blosxom even allows the viewer to choose from available styles so Bala can still see the bright colours ;-)

ToDo: The comment boxes are too big, need to fix them. Except I don’t know enough CSS to know what’s going wrong. And I am too busy (aka lazy) to learn that now. Maybe someone can send me a fix. Here’s the stylesheet.

A Shoutbox(?)

Anything Else?