The week started on a very dark note. No, nothing sinister.. just dark. Literally dark. The house decided to get back at us for mistreating it and blew some fuses. It started with a malfunctioning water heater and escalated into a power outage and torrential rains.

Maybe escalated is too strong a word ‘cos the blackout was limited to our apartment and the rains to one bathroom. Definitely too strong a word. What was I thinking - I am not Bush or Rumsfeld! These words are best left to be used by such pros, they know how to make effective use of them.

Meanwhile. back at home, power has been restored but the bath is still unusable. Every morning has become an interesting exercise in scheduling theory: trying to get all six of us ready in time for the class with just one bathroom available.

Now that classes have started in earnest, things are getting pretty hectic. The profs have promised a tough semester ahead, the same guys had promised an easy one last sem. Aargh!!

I watched The Importance of Being Ernest [imdb] a few nights ago. Funny dialogues, fine acting (esp. Judi Dench) and good screenplay. I haven’t read the original Oscar Wilde play so I can’t say if it stands up to that. Watch it if you have nothing to do on a lazy afternoon.

And to those who missed it, the title of this post ‘Nightfall’ is a reference to the brilliant short story by Isaac Asimov. It’s one of my favourite SF tales, read it and you’ll likely agree with me.