Of the other Deepak

My namesake Deepak, buddy from IIT days, is a half Sardar - in ways different than me. I am half Sardar (or 5/6th for the fastidious among u!) purely by spelling. But this buddy of mine has actually lived in Chandigarh for quite some years and is a Sardar in more ways than I know or can imagine. For one, he’s got that legendary Surd wisdom ;-)

He sent this message yesterday:

gal gal listen to me,
    i got a bruise on my knee;
so i cant think anymore,
    that gives u an idea where my brain is for sure...

and one more:

bless my cell,
    now its life is hell;
all it gets is vague sms',
    and how entertaining it is, is anyone's guess;
so gimme a call,
    and don't let the sms' take my phone's toll;
hear my voice,
    and thus u wud rejoice(hehe) and i will too...