Oops.. just missed Friday the 13th

And as factoid of the day, or the day gone by, I present to you the word triskaidekaphobia. It means an abnormal fear of the number 13!

Thanks to all for wishing me. And those who forgot can make up with some good gifts ;-)

For the past several years, I didn’t have a cake for my birthday; except for the one time before my sis’ marriage when everyone surprised me with a 3-level massive cake.

This year, I cut three cakes. Yes, that’s right.. not one, not none but three cakes! One was on 11th at the HPCES class celebration for all those who have their b’day around this time. Then another at midnight thanks to my flatmates. And then Vids sent over a surprise cake! Thank you V! :-D

What else. Not much. I am having difficulty with my hand-thought co-ordination now, the effect of some fruit wine. and some other stronger spirits.

but i am in high spirits.