The new feature rollout at Gmail trickled into my account this evening. Curiously, what exactly these new features are is presently unknown since Google is still not saying anything. What I can make out as new so far is the much needed Draft email facility and quick access to the address book on the main page itself. Also, Ctrl+Click (in Firefox) now opens links in new tabs without popping up new windows. One more - email forwarding!

There’s word going around that an Atom feed of your inbox is being rolled out too - it hasn’t rolled into my account yet. BTW, Yahoo Mail now does address autocompletion too. Competition is always good for the consumer :-)

There are some new additions to the SuSE Linux page.

Interesting stuff if you have the bandwidth.

Have you read the Algorhyme? (via adam barr)

Update: SpaceShipOne makes history!

Update2: (more link mania)

NY Times article on SS1’s flight success; provides a good overview of the X prize contest. Wired story on related stories.

The Japs are geniuses.

Search mania: Yahoo’s personalized search launch comes on the heels of A9 and My Jeeves.

Snap.com - really innovative! But they need a big speed boost and a bigger index to really make use of all that dynamic filtering magic! Jeremy Zawodny’s thoughts.