Sad Sad Rediff

Just saw this headline on Rediff’s home page:

One look at that and I am thinking, ‘Who the fuck is that?!’ Because I am pretty sure that even if Mukesh and Anil were to milk their refineries dry and actually have every Indian using the phone that Sehwag’s mom uses, they wouldn’t be worth that much. So who’s this richass bloke? I click with almost voyeuristic enthusiasm only to find the actual article’s headline read:

Duh. Now I am thinking, ‘Who the fuck writes Rediff’s homepages? The chai-wala?’

Seriously, Rediff is probably the worst portals on this side of the hemisphere. Crap design, horrid technology and the worst web mail possible. It hurts me to think that this no-good site is probably the only one making a profit among all the Indian portals.

The irony.