Spring Break aka Who's getting the popcorn?

I saw quiet a few movies in these past few days. Allow me to bore you with the details.

Love Actually
I had been trying to catch this movie for quite some time. A british comedy with Hugh Grant thrown in for good measure, how can you not watch it?! Think back to Four weddings…, Notting Hill, Bridget… and you’ll see what I mean. Good, funny, paisa-vasool movies.

I missed it when it was first released here due to my ahem busy schedule. I missed it again when the screened the ‘Uncensored’ version for a couple of weeks. Finally got it on someone’s PC.

This movie is unlike the ones I mentioned above. There’s no cohesive story here. Just the lives of different people (and how they find love) shown in parallel. It could well have been a six-episode BBC production; but then it wouldn’t make as much money as the movie did.

Watchable. But you won’t remember it like the way you remember Bridget Jones’ Diary.

(just wondering what did they censor in the original theatre release here!)

Something’s Gotta Give
Jack Nicholson is great as ever. Diane Keaton is good too. Keanu Reeves looks stupid. Amanda Peet looks and acts exactly like Neve Campbell. In fact, I didn’t know it was not Neve till I looked up the credits! Turns out, I was wrongly crediting Neve for Igby Goes Down too!! Is it only me or does someone else also think that these girls were separated at birth ;-)

About the movie, it’s Watchable. Make that Watchable++.

28 Days Later…
I haven’t seen many zombie movies so I don’t know how this one compares to them. I think it’s a neat movie, with an interesting plot and some good scares. The climax is a bit far-out though, if you ask me.

It’s a bit far-out, even if you don’t ask me.

Le Papillon
I picked up this dvd ‘cos I remembered this movie getting some good reviews at the recent french film festival here. It’s about an old entomologist and a young girl. The old man is looking for a rare butterfly; a promise he made to his dead son. The young girl’s single 22 yr old mom doesn’t have time for her.

Off they go in search of this butterfly. And they find a lot more. Mom and daughter find their love for each other and the old man makes peace with his son’s memories.

It’s a nice, warm movie. The kid is so adorable - freckles and all! Do watch it if you can find it.

Kate and Leopold
I was a day late in returning the Le Papillon dvd but the guy at the store decided to be nice and didn’t fine me for it. So I had to be nice too and had to pick up another movie.

Wish I hadn’t. Nothing interesting in this movie. The Victorian dialogues are funny, but just for the first half hour. After that you want to hit Hugh Jackman every time he says, ‘I beg your pardon’!

But Meg Ryan lifts it up to Watchable–.

The Royal Tenenbaums
I saw this one a couple of hours ago.


The story, the acting, the screenplay, all brilliant. It’s quirky, it’s dark, it’s dysfunctional, it’s poignant, it’s cheesy, it’s amazing.

And Owen Wilson wrote this one!! Man that guy’s gone up several notches in my books! Who could think that joker can come up with this stuff. ;-)

If you haven’t seen it, pleazzzzze do! And when you do, pay some attention to the clothes everyone is wearing… you’ll see why when u watch the movie. ;-)