Things are cold; things are icy

Things have kept me busy lately; had a midterm exam and some assignments. This week is spring break over at MIT. Which means no classes over here. Which is not such a great thing.

No classes isn’t such a big deal. I don’t attend classes live anyways; prefer to watch the recorded lectures at my convenience. (the pleasures of technology!). Since I don’t have classes, I am now expected to report at my internship everyday - full time. That’s a bummer.

Then again, that ain’t such a bad idea. The project is picking up some pace and some interesting stuff is on the drawing board. Also, it’s got me back into a non-vampire mode - nights are back to their original purpose - sleeping.

Last evening I got off to do something fun in a long time. Went ice-skating :-) It’s not as easy as it looks and is more fun than it looks :-). Since I can do a bit of inline skating, I didn’t fall flat on my face as many times as others did - just a few insignifant instances ;-) And my sore body reminds me of those :-(

Bought the GnR - Greatest Hits CD the other day. Flatmate Aakrosh bought the Matchbox Twenty - More Than You Think You Are CD. So we are rocking!