Time Out

After ‘Operation GunkBuster’ on Saturday, I spent the evening watching Rain Man [imdb]. I can’t imagine how I missed seeing this movie till now! Dustin Hoffman is absolutely amazing in his portrayal of Raymond, an autist. He won an Oscar for the work while the movie itself won four Oscars (eight nominations) including Best Director for Barry Levison (Sphere/Disclosure).

Today morning, woke up late - in the afternoon. Some movie called Chhal was playing on the boobtube. Initially it seemed like just another mumbai gangsta-flick. But then I noticed there weren’t any people in the movie that I recognized. Hmm.. some B-grade flick. But B-grade flicks don’t have good acting and a screenplay that made me sit up and notice! This film had a freshness to it - by way of faces and the screenplay among other things. I greatly enjoyed Prashant Narayanan’s portrayal of the hot-tempered don. If you think Vivek was good in Company, you’ve got to see this guy!

Being Sunday, it was customary to go out for the evening. Went to Orchard Road, ate some pasta and watched the third good movie in a row - Mona Lisa Smile [imdb]. I think IMDb’s 5.8 rating doesn’t do justice to the movie. I liked it a lot, especially the dialogues. My roommate (and others) tells me that it’s a lot like Dead Poet’s Society, a Robin Williams movie. Okay, one more movie on my ‘got to watch’ list!