I’ve been living in this ‘word void’ for the last few days. I just can’t write anything sensible! I get an email from this girl after ages, I hit reply and that’s it: nothing comes to mind! I can’t write anything and sit staring at the screen, fingers twidling over the keyboard. As of now, there are five unanswered mails in my inbox.

It doesn’t stop with emails. Three people I know got interview calls from this company and have asked me to apply too. So I start composing a cover letter and bamn! Blank out again!

The worst part of this creative vacuum is my still unfinished thesis. It’s currently stands at a measly 24 pages. Every day, I sit at it with an aim to increase that count by a couple more but it just isn’t happening.

Oh crap.

Went to see Around the World in 80 Days (imdb). Actually, went to have dinner and the movie was more of a ‘Why not?’ thing. Nice, fun movie. You will like it if you see it; you won’t miss it if you don’t.

Sadly, gone is the fun, energetic Jackie of Police Story and Armour of God. What we see now is a face all wrinkled, a man past his prime.

One of the neat things about the movie is the special appearances: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sammo Hung, Owen and Luke Wilson (as the Wright Brothers!) and John Cleese aka Q (formerly R!). I read the original a long time ago and don’t remember much of it so I can’t say how much liberty they took in this remake. But I highly doubt Jules Verne will be twisting in his grave even if they did redo entire chunks of the story - or took the focus away from Phileas Fogg and on to some Asian guy. In fact, I think Jules Verne would be highly pleased that they are building on his works - pleased that his works are not encumbered under senseless copyrights and corporate control.

Speaking of copyright control, if you had any doubts that DRM is senseless, then you should read the talk Cory Doctorow gave at Microsoft Research. In fact, I would say it’s required reading for anyone who’s ever used digital content. Read it here.

Some good news on that front though. Opposition to the ridiculous ‘thou shalt not foil a copy-protection measure’ clause of DMCA is rising with industry figures coming together and speaking out from a common platform. CNET News reports.

PS: I’ve got some Gmail invites lying around. If you need one, leave your full name and your email address in the comments. If you want to send me an iPod or an iRiver in return, you are most welcome to do so. ;-)

PPS: Mila Kunis

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