Units of messiness

The house is a mess; has been so for some time now. For those of you who remember my hostel room, this house beats that fair and square.

Yesterday, we decided to do something about it. Hiring a maid looked like the easiest option. It turns out, maids here are paid on an hourly basis. A reasonably clean house would need two hours of work while a post-party one would need 5-6 hours.

So engineer that I am, I propose to you a new measure of messiness - ‘maidhours’. It is the amount of hours a maid would need to straighten out the place. I reckon our place is around 8-9 maidhours dirty. The friend who gave me an insight on the workings of maids here told me that once after a particularly happening party, his place was an amazing 12 maidhours mess!!

How messy is your house today?