Licensing feeds

Now I can choose the license I wish to attach to my feed. But does this even make sense? What’s so special about a bunch of bookmarks that makes it worthy of being licensable?

Or is the license meant to cover whatever I write in the extended field? Like my movie ratings, for instance.

I am not sure I understand this business.

Update: I now think it has something to do with following memes without actually thinking about what the hell is happening. For example, take Rohan Pinto’s blog. On one side of his home page, there’s this big warning:

Content copyright protected by Copyscape website plagiarism search

While on the other side, you’ll find a link to very permissive Creative Commons license.

Creative Commons License

And what about that make poverty history meme which spread like so much confetti on webpages across the net. Did even 1% of the folks jumping onto the bandwagon actually think about the problem and what they could do about it?

There. I think I now understand this business.