webr 0.1

This weekend, I bring you Webr - the Flickr powered photo gallery! It takes your photosets from flickr.com and creates a gallery out of them, hosted on your domain, styled to your tastes.

See my webr gallery!

It took less time to code it than it took to deploy it on the server. Such is life.

What is webr?

webr takes your flickr.com photosets and creates a photo gallery on your domain, styled to your tastes.

webr is © Deepak Sarda and released under the GNU GPL.


First, open config.py in your text editor and change the settings to suit your requirements. Then, run webr_update.py which will create a local dump of your flickr photo data. You can run it either on the server or on your local machine - just make sure that webr.py (the gallery script) has access to the data dump. BTW, this is only for meta-data caching - actual images are served directly from flickr.com!

webr.py has a few configuration options which you can find in config.py. To deploy webr, I am afraid you’ll have to be familiar with web.py, the web framework used by webr. Don’t worry, it’s not too difficult!

webr ships with one layout template and two colour schemes. If you create new templates, please consider sharing them!


webr is built on top of flickrapi (bundled with webr) and web.py. The latest version of webr (0.3) depends on web.py trunk (the soon to be 0.2 code) which you can get from web.py’s subversion tree. You also need Cheetah for the templates and flup; links to these packages are on web.py’s homepage.

While webr.py and webr_update.py are released under the GNU GPL, the template files are all public domain.


webr powered galleries

If you use webr, please send me a link so I can add your gallery to this list!


Bug reports, feature requests, patches and chocolates are all welcome! mail to: deepak@thisdomain.net