Some time back, I noted on Tidbits how, frustrated by Firefox’s useless file-picker, I’ve resorted to using a shell alias to copy file names to the clipboard. To recall:

$ alias xcp
alias xcp='dcop klipper klipper setClipboardContents'
$ xcp /home/antrix/file/to/send.txt

So what happened is that quite frequently, I found myself navigating to a directory in the shell and then using pwd to build the full file path for xcp. Like so:

$ xcp `pwd`/send.txt

As you can imagine, typing that pwd soon became a chore. Happily, BASH to the rescue again:

$ function fcp {
>   xcp `pwd`/$1
> }  
$ fcp send.txt

That’s it! Another bit of irritation solved :-)

And this has been another presentation from the mildly-interesting-to-four-people department.