NextBus meets

Without a doubt, is one of the best Singapore-focussed map sites today. It may not be the best in terms of content but it’s surely the best in terms of usability.

They have this feature where they show little bus stop icons on the map which you can click to bring up a list of bus services operating at that stop. They also include a link to SBS Transit’s mobile iris website to check when the next bus is arriving. You can see where this is going :-) bus stop popup

I just put together a tiny Greasemonkey script which replaces the link to iris with a link to my NextBus app. If you have Greasemonkey already setup in your Firefox, you can install the script by clicking here: NextBus &

Or just install the NextBus & gothere Firefox Extension

When I find some time in the future, I’ll update the script to fetch the arrival timings and show them within the bubble itself, instead of having to load a new page. Update: Done!

As always, bug reports are welcome. :-)