Cabbie for Android

In my HTC Magic Observations post, I wrote:

The appeal of writing apps for your phone, in a language that you already know, without having to fork out an additional gatekeeper fee to anyone, is too good to resist. Then again, it has been several weeks and I’ve not written even a Hello World yet so you could say I am all talk no walk :-)

Well, I am walking the walk now! After almost a month of perusing the Android developer documentation, digging through the API docs, lots of source code analyzing & lots of Googling, I am finally done with my first application for Android: Cabbie!

What is Cabbie? It’s an application for Android phones that helps you make and cancel cab bookings in Singapore.

I’ve made a dedicated page for Cabbie where you can find more information about what it does and a video showing how it works.

Cabbie is now available for download from the Android Market and if you are an Android phone user in Singapore, i.e. own an HTC G1, Magic or Hero phone, please download and give it a try!

Here’s the link to the Market.

With this, I’ve managed to actually develop & release a full-fledged app for a mobile-phone. Something I never could manage with the Nokia N73 thanks to the pain that is Symbian development.

Update: Here’s a youtube video showing how Cabbie works.