Cabbie Pro

In Singapore, Comfort Cab, CitiCab & SMRT offer taxi booking services by SMS. To book a cab, one has to text either BOOK <Postal Code> #Pick-up point or BOOK <Building Name> #Pick-up point to their respective booking hotline number.

But it can be a chore to remember addresses and to type out the booking SMS messages. Not to mention having to remember hotline number for each operator when you are out in the rain searching madly for a cab!

To help with this problem, I wrote an Android application called Cabbie in late 2009. Over the course of the next year, Cabbie got downloaded thousands of times, garnered a 4.5/5 star average user rating and went on to be ranked #32 in the Straits Times Digital Life Top 100 apps of 2010!

Looking at the enthusiatic response that Cabbie received, I set about working on a new version. The result is Cabbie Pro: an improvement over Cabbie in every single way!







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