Redang photos

I've added some photos of the trip to Pulau Redang to my gallery. See them here.

I was lugging around an old-school SLR, the Canon EOS 66. Between taking photos of great moments and protecting my camera from the sand and the sea, the choice was obvious. I let others with digital cameras do the honors. Hence, most of these photos in this album weren't taken by me and none are from my camera. I still have to develop the film, so there'll be more additions when I get around to doing that.

Most of the photos have been taken with a Fuji Finepix S5000 by Chee Huei, a classmate who also happens to be the unofficial photographer for HPCES at SMA. He's quite good behind the lenses as you can see from the pics.

I thought I'll write an account of the trip, but there isn't much to write - just read the captions that accompany the pictures. Just an interesting tid-bit: the chalet where we stayed was on Pasir Panjang Beach; my apartment in Singapore is on Pasir Panjang Road. I felt right at home. :-)


WoW, nice pictures.I saw them all. And I also read some of ur writings.Interesting. Keep it up.Enjoy. :D

Which Raj is this?


Well, actually I have got other names too. Raj is not so common.But its my middle name.Mostly ppl call me "Govind".

Btw, Gen P.??.


Gen P is just the nick of one of my friends from undergrad. Need I say his real name is Raj?

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