Bloviating when there's nothing to say

Nothing much has happened here since the last post. I was sick for a couple of days, mild fever I guess. It passed and I am quite okay now, as things go. I guess it’s because of staying at home a lot. So everyone in Singapore, tell me you want to meet me and give me a reason to leave home!

I added an Atom feed. It gives the filing category and correct URI for each entry, something the earlier RSS feed didn’t handle that well. Unfortunately, updates to posts will not show up in the feed because of some other plugin I am using in Blosxom. Live with it :-) The feed button, as usual, comes from the excellent resource at

I was browsing through the referral logs, as I do from time to time to kill time. There was someone who came looking to answer the question, “How dumb am I compared to the IITians?” This sort of thing just makes me sad. I don’t want to say anything else, this earlier thread already took up this issue of treating IITians as demigods.

To move on to happier things, the rising search engine query hitting my blog is Jenna Jameson Iriver campaign or some combination thereof. That’s certainly an interesting bit of news. Google cites me as one of the authorities on this subject; only this authority is just as clueless as the guys who came here looking for more info. Speaking of Iriver, while their (and everyone else’s) much hyped portable video players are going to crash and burn (like Catwoman), Rio will silently start eating into the Ipod’s market with the newly launched Carbon. This baby is currently at the top of my lust list.

PS: Something new I am trying… using the Word of the Day in the post title. You can try giving alternate titles in the comments. ;-)