Happy Diwali!

Another Diwali away from home; this is the sixth year now. I guess I should just start calling not home my home, that would make things great. Just go back and read my posts last year about Diwali - here and here. They’ll give you a recap on how I feel.

I just read them again myself and there are two things I notice.

In fact, I am not depressed at all. Despite not feeling too well since yesterday, things are pretty good with me right now. Doing some good stuff at work, got my Singapore PR, spending time with friends on weekends, what more could I ask for? Some female company? ;-)

I am at the final stages of completing my first project at work. It’s about a new technique for protein classification. You can see a demo here. I can’t say more because it isn’t published yet :-p

Work is one of the reasons I haven’t been blogging lately. But I recently installed the Bloglines Firefox Toolkit which enables me to quickly post stuff to my other blog. With this toolkit, that linkblog will be getting much more love. You can expect the linker here to dry up as the supply is routed over there.

Speaking of Firefox, someone pointed me to a Firefox branded Google at http://www.google.com/firefox Now what is that! And here I was waiting for a Google branded Firefox. ;-) I haven’t upgraded to the brand spanking new 1.0 release of Firefox so I don’t know if this is the default start page. Can anyone confirm that?

Anshul’s gotten around to creating an RSS feed for his blog. About fucking time! Thanks Anshul, for pointing me to The Revenge of the Sith trailer! Hey, I just realized I can’t link to a particular post on your blog. New request - permalinks!!

Anshul’s got a really long post on the final (?!) Star Wars episode. I didn’t read it ‘cos it came with a ‘for SW geeks only’ warning. I don’t know about others but I find it hard to get so excited about Star Wars. Some reasons:

There.. I’ve let it all out. Now flame away! (I love Yoda, though!)

Before I wind up, congratulations to Prerit on getting an offer from Motorola and a cartoon Neville sent me some time ago.


Once again, Happy Diwali everyone!