Moving time

I am moving this site to that DreamHost account I bought some time ago. I lost a few posts and all comments when I moved last time. But then, that move involved migrating the blog from Nucleus to Blosxom. This time, Blosxom remains; hopefully nothing goes wrong.

There won’t be any new stuff till the DNS change propagates across the world. If you don’t see an update message below this paragraph, you are still reaching the old site. Wait for a day or two for the change to reach your neighbourhood. If nothing new comes up for a week, then something went horribly wrong!! See ya soon!

Update: So things are sort of okay at the new home. The shifting was mostly harmless; had to change pathnames in a billion places, including a few million previously unknown locations. But mostly harmless. Mostly: the time based archives (under Vault) don’t work in the post May 2004 era. No doubt this is a curse cast upon me for cursing Perl at every opportunity (presented and created) since we crossed paths a few years ago. Look where that has got me, a broken website which I can’t fix ‘cos I can’t grok the Perl code that powers the damn thing.