myriad thoughts, adrift

A new post after more than a fortnight. There’s so much to write about what happened in these past couple of weeks. But I’ll cop out and just write a synopsis. Just like I did after the Redang trip and after my last trip home. I am lazy that way ;-)

So I went to India, stayed in Hyderabad for a week, caught up with friends, went to Vizianagaram to see my new born niece, had the bonus pleasure of seeing my other niece (now upgraded with a continuous chatter mode), came back to Hyderabad, took a flight to Colombo for a one day stopover in some village called Negombo and then flew to Singapore.

So I came back to Singapore, moved into this huge duplex apartment off Holland Village, signed my employment papers and applied for PR. This Monday will be the first day of work. As I gather, there’ll be a round of introductions first thing on Monday. That means walking around the place shaking hands with everyone. I am really dreading this, not because I hate shaking hands but because I’ll be expected to remember all their names. Or at least half their names. The problem is, it’s a miracle if I can remember even 5% of names on first introductions - 5% of Indian names! What will I do on Monday with more than half the people being non-Indian?! Ah well, wait and watch.

I also got around to developing the film I started shooting with (on? grammar!) in Redang. I think having kept it for so long in the camera and subjecting it to terrible, all-seeing, mind-numbing rays in the name of security checks, really degraded it - got some worsht results. I will be adding the rest of the pics to my albums once I subject them to some soul altering filters.