What's in an appellation? Don'no lah!

Pardon the lack of updates over here; life’s too mundane these days to write anything interesting. Work is requiring me to pick up biology all over again. Yes Bala, it’s CH411 redux! I guess there’s just no running from some things. :-(

I finally got around to uploading the pictures I mentioned earlier. The only soul altering mumbo jumbo I put them through were the noise reduction filters. The pics from Sri Lanka got an extra dip in coffee, though. See them here.

Went to see The Terminal this Saturday. Tom Hanks is great as ever and everyone is sure to enjoy this one. I also saw Hum Tum and Where’s the party yaar?. The former, IMO, brings a much needed dose of freshness to Bollywood while the latter is just one more addition to the American Desi genre.

If I haven’t said this before, let me say it now: Scrubs is the funniest show on TV today.

This work thing has also put my reading on hold. The last book I read was The Catcher in The Rye which was really, really fun to read. And how well did it capture an adolescent’s life! I find myself relating to Holden Caulfield more than any other character that I can remember.

Started reading Crime and Punishment but it’s currently on hold - I need to read Genome and An Introduction to Proteins before that. I love my life!

Colin Charles(?) in a presentation on the upcoming Fedora Core 3 release pointed to a couple of quirky bugs - here and here. ;-)

Since I’ve gotten all techie in spite of my subconscious attempts at not hurting V’s sensibilities, I’ll just mention that I am toying with some ideas for writing something KDE specific. Expect the first ‘tutorial’ on CD ripping KDE style very soon.