Winnie the Pooh meets Spider-Man

Let me start at the beginning. First there was a student and now there’s none. First there was a university but now that’s been done.

First there was a Bachelor and now there’s a Master. First there was a working person and now there’s a slacker.

First there was Athena and now it’s outdoors. First there was Gold Coast and now that’s no more.

First there were interviews and now nowhere to go. First there was O.C. and now That 70’s Show.

First there was Metallica and now Winnie the Pooh. First there was splurging and now a thrifty mood.

Need explanations?

Let me start at the beginning. On the 28th of June, I sat down to finish my ‘at loss for words’ thesis. I finished it, got my supervisor’s signature and gave it off to the binders, all in 28 hours flat. Then slept for 12 hours to be ready for what was going to be another long day.

The lease on my old apartment was running out on the 30th of June. I still haven’t got a job here so I don’t want to commit to another one year lease for any apartment. Which meant finding a temporary place to live for the next month or so. As it turns out, that’s really, really difficult to do in Singapore. Back in India, I would have settled under one of the flyovers or in an abandoned pipe but these things are frowned upon over here.

But before that, I needed to get the thesis from the binders and turn it in. With that, I completed all requirements for my MS. Yay! That also meant I lost access to the Athena machine. I’ll miss that place.

So back to the issue of finding a place to park. As luck would have it, someone was subletting one double-bed room barely hundred meters from my (now ex) apartment. So three ppl, including me, are now living in this room till 10th. After which, we move again to a new place - the hunt for which is now on.

The bath has Winnie the Pooh plastered all over the tub. It was a shock find myself sharing the shower with a half naked bear, but circumstances have forced me to come to terms with it.

With no new interviews in the pipeline, I’ve been lazing around dabbling with Python and watching That 70’s Show. Saw Lakshya; didn’t like it. The hyperbole in the media hyped up the movie to a hyperactive degree. Had I been on an island insulated from all opinion, I might have liked it. Went to watch Spider-Man 2 too. Kick-ass SFX!

So that’s the story so far.

PS: New to the Friends sidebar is Cue - gangaster and spas extraordinaire.