A look back at 2005

Oooh.. my first meme-blog! Following jwz, I present twelve cut-and-paste sentences from the year.

January If I refuse to acknowledge Him, to worship Him and sing praises in His name, almost all contemporary religions assure me of a place in Hell with a ringside view of the fires and suffering.
February One of the likely epitaphs for me: An exception! Fatal!
March The answer given is 26^13 seconds while I am convinced it is 13*(26^13) seconds.
April Why do ringtones cost two dollars while a full song costs just 99 cents?
May | (o) (o) |
June Oh! Umm.. I hope this isn't being recorded...
July Do you want to receive Jesus into your life?
August metrics enable us to ascribe a price to content being generated in the new micro-economy.
September How do you prove that the digital music you own has been legally obtained?
October Bollywood confirms to the Object Oriented Style of Film Making.
November Unfortunately, when a tiger is seeing you in the eye with a look that says, 'Hello breakfast!', you don't want to do the dismissing thing.
December Mad recursion!