Yahoo and Woohoo!

This post was supposed to show up on 31st March. It never did. A test post showed up online after 12 hours of posting. I have no idea when this will make its way to one of the Internets. My server playing an April 1st joke on me :-(

Someone called Alex left a comment announcing; yes the swapping game has begun. If you want one, either go there or to Krishna’s site where he’s giving away invites.

I was pretty gung-ho about 360 earlier but after reading this excellent piece, I think I’ll pass :-)

Haven’t been in the blogging mood lately. Things happened over the weekend which I thought I would write about; invariably something else would come along and eventually, I would get too lazy to write ;-)

Let’s try a recap.

Last Friday, after six months of working, I finally got a chance to see our network operations center. A new cluster which we had purchased has finally showed up and my colleague is getting one of the nodes for his exclusive use till they put the cluster together. Specs: 4-way 2GHz Opterons with 32GB RAM in each node. Geek paradise!! Couldn’t turn down an offer to see this monster :-) Our NOC where all the other clusters and NAS are housed is pretty huge too - we could easily house three of Google’s server farms I think.

On Saturday, we got our cable connection. So after cleaning the house, ordered pizza in the evening for a marathon couch-potato session! Oh, I reckon it was a two maidhours mess if you must know. ;-)

Sunday at Wild Wild Wet followed by pizza again. It’s a good place for thirteen bucks; try it out if you are in Singapore. Some photos.

Monday and back to work…

PS: Feels good to know that people find the reiserfs howto so helpful. Woohoo!