A look back at 2006

Saip tagged me while I was looking the other way! In honour of his first (and hopefully last ;-) tag, herewith, a recap of 2006. BTW, I wrote a blog post in a dissimilar vein last year.

January Rung in 2006 in Phuket. Rest of the month was pretty normal IIRC. Went home towards the end for the Chinese New Year vacation.
February The birthday month! This was a stressful month at work due to an impending product release. Oh, looks like I made a promise back then to get rid of the advts from the site if they don't bring in enough moolah. I'm happy to report that since I've recovered almost 50% of the hosting costs, I'll keep the ads around ;-)
March With the product shipped out to the testers, life was slow at work. The bosses found that to be a good reason to send me off to Florida ;-) I think I also started jogging regularly around this time.
April Tampa, Rutgers and NYC. Met some old friends after ages and made some new friends too. All in all, a great month! Also wrote webr; probably the only useful piece of code I've put up for download! Of course, no one else has ever used it so looks like only I think that it's useful ;-)
May What happened in May? Did I just sleep 24x7? Hmm.. email logs indicate the starting of an ultra-secret project with some friends. Other than that, nothing much. Oh yeah, started the mini. Other than that, nothing much.
June This was a bad month. Lots of stress at work - at one time, it looked like all the work accomplished in the US trip would amount to nothing. Thankfully, some late evenings & extra weekends & yours truly's amazing skills saved the day ;-)
July Bought the new PC :-D
August Another uneventful month I think. Anyway, go read the most misunderstood blog post I ever wrote!
September Yet another empty month. Either that, or I have a poor memory. Both are equally likely. What I do recall is that work had been generally boring these few months.
October Lost a sweet phone :-( Bought a sweeter phone :-) Spent Diwali at home after seven years :-D
November Resumed development related activities at work. And of course, started drawing The Stickies!
December Had to go home for a couple of weeks to attend to some family matters. Also, resigned from Borland! Starting this month, I am working at Hiperware. If you find the company^ website a bit bare, please bear with us. We're just starting out :-)

Wow, this post has been a lot of work! Digging through emails, blog posts, messenger archives and what not trying to reconstruct the year. I should’ve just asked the government agencies for my file ;-)

It’s a bit late in the year to be tagging others for this, IMHO. But if you do feel like writing a recap of your own, consider yourself tagged. :-)

^ Unrelated to the ultra-secret project ;-)